Japanesse taste

sushi is the first japanesse food which i ever tried. there was an opening of painting in Ubud who served this food for dinner. i think it’s good enough. although inside is raw tuna fish.

then, when i had simposium in jakarta, we had hoka hoka bento (there is no hokben in bali yet that time). i think it similar with any fast food. the menu is chicken crispy with salad. the sauce is little bit different. it’s little bit sour.

i forget when the first Hokben built in Bali. my friend and i try the food. but i surprised because is’t too sweet like gudeg, hehehe.

couple weeks ago, my father and his friends take me to a ‘real’ japanesse restaurant which name is Take in Legian. it;s really nice there. the chef serve us well.

first the salad come. it’s fresh. i wait for next menu. yeap, miso soup. the taste ia quite strange but delicious. it’s good for flu i think hehe.

the show is coming. we will see how skillful chef serve the food. it’s realy amazing. he treat the knife, spoon, and the food like toys. i can describe it well. surely, it’s more like show than cooking.

we had salmon and red merlin fish, ‘tiger’ shrimp, mushroom, and seafood fries rice. the last is beef.

for the dessert, wow, it’s about cool and hot in one plate. yes, ice cream and banana ‘grill’…

truly, it’s the first time i eat any strange taste of japanesse quisine. it’s good actually….


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