i feel like i’m dying in the small pool named hope
where do we from? where do we go?

is every place just a stop pit or another sign to start walk?

do you put your love on a closed jar and throw it away to deep burden sea?



does this feeling exist?
darkness conquer me completely
but i ignore my own shadow

i start from yelling at you
and my heart does

we are fall apart by time
we see how often the weather change but the feeling stand by itself

in any other place
i write my name by your name


akhirnya kita harus percaya, masa berpindah ke masa lainnya. perasaan berubah dan menjadi nyata.

tapi di sudut hati yang paling terasing, masih bisa kutemukan, aroma daun gugur yang mengawali musim dan gejolak angin menanti gelombang pasang