The Terminal

everyone has been waiting for something. i think the quote reflect this film. tom hanks can be a ‘perfect’ krakozian. he acts so natural. so does  catherine zeta jones who is a flight attendant. unfortunately, they didn’t end with any happy ending.

no doubt, steven spielberg direct this movie awsome although it cant take away heroical style a la hollywood. but forget all about technical because i just not worth enough to discuss it.

i just wanna say that this film truly amazing. the simply idea about waiting is completely spining my head. maybe it’s just any destiny which come while we’re born, since we’re searching world for the first time.

what we’re waiting for in this world? just fulfill our promise or just let everything flow. seems like it go by any order outside our command adn need?

why she waited for love, which cant be her, for years and years, and throw away the meaning love in front of her?

so, what am i waiting for? you? a guy simplying my life



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